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At CrossRoads Preschool we offer a Christian curriculum developed by Gospel Light titled Bright Beginnings. This curriculum is enhanced by our own staff of Christian teachers.
Each month revolves around a Biblical theme with a new Bible story each week. From this theme many hands on activities are developed for preschoolers to explore and learn from in centers. The students will spend time in several centers each day they attend CrossRoads. Centers include art, dramatic play, library, science, blocks, music, and math.
Academically we will focus on one letter and number per week, a color of the month, as well as shapes, rhyming, and the calendar. Listed below are curriculum goals we will be focusing on with your children throughout the school year.

3's Class Curriculum Goals 

Language and Literacy

  • Communicate clearly in short sentences

  • Use “I”, “You” and “Me” in correct manner

  • Name familiar objects in pictures

  • Repeat songs and finger plays

  • Listen quietly to a short story

  • Recognize first name in print

  • Begin printing letters of first name“Read” a book, gaining understanding of how to turn pages and that book read from front to back, left to right.

  • “Read” a story or poem on chart, learning left to right tracking

Cognitive Development

  • Curious and explores surroundings

  • Knows first and last name

  • Identifies primary colors

  • Identifies basic shapes

  • Identifies objects according to size

  • Understands concept of counting to 10

  • Names 3 objects from memory

  • Understands positional words and opposites

  • Completes a 5-10 piece puzzle

  • Recognize numerals 0 – 10 


Gross Motor Skills

  • Jumps up and down with both feet

  • Hops on one foot

  • Climbs stairs alternating feet

  • Balances on one foot

  • Throws ball forward

  • Walks a few steps on a balance beam

  • Catch a large ball


Fine Motor Skills

  • Holds scissors correctly

  • Participate in finger play songs

  • Puts blocks together, stacks blocks, etc.

  • Pounds, rolls, squeezes playdoh

  • String beads with pattern cards

  • Glue and paste

  • Pour and mix

  • Use sewing and lacing cards

  • Draws two part person

  • Holds crayon and pencil appropriately

Self-Help Skills

  • Uses bathroom independently

  • Dresses with little assistance

  • Drinks from open cup with few spills

  • Washes hands independently

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Shows concern for peers

  • Accepts and responds to rules

  • Plays and shares with other children

  • Waits turn

  • Helps with chores

  • Expresses feelings appropriately

  • Happy and cheerful at school

  • Follows directions

  • Learning manner skills

  • Know general schedule of day after appropriate enrollment time, anticipating what is next 


Science/Social Studies

  • Names members of family

  • Names various habitats and identifies who lives there

  • Names rooms in his/her house

  • Names 5 community helpers

  • Participates in simple experiments

  • Enjoys nature projects and walks

  • Understands basics of weather

  • Names 6 body parts 

4's Class Curriculum Goals 

Language and Literacy

  • Recognizes first and last name in print

  • Prints first name

  • Recites and Identifies alphabet

  • Recites finger plays, poems, rhymes, songs, etc.

  • Identifies letters with appropriate sounds

  • Tells simple events in sequence using appropriate sentences

  • Knows opposites

  • Identifies rhyming words

  • Recalls details and sequence in stories

  • Begin to identify sight words

Cognitive Development

  • Knows address and telephone number

  • Forms sets of like and different

  • Knows age

  • Draws human figure with head, body, arms, legs and indications of hands and feet

  • Identifies parts of own body

  • Recalls item removed from group

  • Completes 10-15 piece puzzle 


Gross Motor Skills

  • Walks forward and backward

  • Hops on one foot

  • Learning how to skip

  • Gallops

  • Runs

  • Jumps in place with feet together

  • Catches a ball

  • Does forward somersault

  • Kicks ball forward

  • Walk on a balance beam 


Fine Motor Skills

  • Good finger/hand coordination

  • Holds scissors correctly

  • Ties shoes

  • Strings beads

  • Cuts along straight line

  • Cuts along circular line

  • Holds pencil/crayon appropriately 

Self-Help Skills

  • Uses bathroom independently

  • Dresses independently

  • Uses good table manners when eating

Social and Emotional Skills

  • Plays and shares cooperatively

  • Follows directions and rules

  • Uses good manners

  • Waits patiently for turn

  • Participates in group activities

  • Helpful with classroom tasks

  • Thoughtful of others

  • Expresses feelings appropriately

  • Makes choices and solves problems

  • Accepts help and direction from adults


Social Studies

  • Understands concept of money

  • Names 5 things that live in the ocean

  • Names 5 types of vehicles

  • Names 3 modes of transportation

  • Demonstrates knowledge of safety rules

  • Demonstrates respect for peers and teachers

Math and Science Skills

  • Identifies numerals 0-10

  • Recognizes shapes

  • Identifies differences in size

  • Groups objects by shape, color, size and texture

  • Demonstrates sense of time (morning, afternoon, evening)

  • Participates in simple experiments

  • Understands concept of temperature (hot and cold)

  • Understands concept of weight (light and heavy)

  • Identifies objects in environment (food, animals, etc.)

  • Print numerals 0-10 

Music and Art Skills

  • Participate in musical activities

  • Repeats rhythmic patterns

  • Participates in and enjoys art activities

  • Uses materials appropriately and cleans up

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